When I was younger my parents would take my sister and I traveling to experience different countries and cultures. One of my favorite trips was going to Turkey. It wasn't just the beauty of the country but the people and their love for all things handmade. On several occasions I accompanied my parents to Turkish rug vendors. I was instantly in awe of the shop owners and their excitement sharing their stories and background. Often we left without a purchase but that didn't bother them, as long as they were given the opportunity to share their passion for rugs. 

Over the years my parents' collection grew and so did my fondness. It would be many years later that I thought about importing rugs as a business. I am thrilled to be at that point and excited to share my love of rugs with you. 

Meadow Loom Rugs is an online shop devoted to offering unique, beautiful works of art. All our rugs are hand sourced, one-of-a-kind from several areas of Turkey. If you are searching for a rug and could use some guidance let us help!

We welcome you to shop online or set up a time to visit us.

Happy Shopping!

- Brooke